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Las Vegas - South Rim or West Canyon or Antelope Canyon or Leisure 3 Days Tour (Stay 2 Night in Las Vegas)

  • Special Promotion! org: $?1?4?8?$108
  • 2 nights stay at the Excalibur Hotel on the most central Las Vegas Strip
  • Buy 2 Get 1 Free 
  • Tour of Las Vegas - South Rim or West Canyon or Antelope Canyon, Chocolate  Factory, Desert Cactus Garden, Factory Outlet
  • Deluxe Hote, Bus, Chinese and English speaking tour guide.

West Grand Canyon :Skywalk (Optional), Las Vegas strip
Depart from Los Angeles, stop by Factory Outlet on the way. Proceed to Las Vegas, Nevada - gambling capital of the world. Stay at the center of Las Vegas strip. You may join optional 4-hour night tour. ☆ Passengers Arriving at Las Vegas, Meet at Hotel Front Desk before 4PM.

Hotel : Excalibur Hotel or similar
DAY 2 :LAS VEGAS - WEST CANYON (SKYWALK) or GRAND CANYON (SOUTH RIM) or Antelope Canyon or Las Vegas Leisure - LAS VEGAS
Optional Tours:

(A) *South Canyon Tour 
Morning visit to one of the 7 Wonders of the World - the Grand Canyon, and its awe-inspiring size and beauty. Return to Las Vegas in the evening. South Canyon admission fee $90, must be paid on tour

(B) *West Canyon Tour (Skywalk)
Morning depart from Las Vegas and proceed to West Grand Canyon. Also experience the famous Skywalk suspended 4,000 ft. above the Colorado River (This $30 million glass bridge can withstand the weight of 71 fully-loaded Boeing 747 passenger planes).  You can also view the canyon in a helicopter or take a boat ride in the Colorado River. Then stop by Hoover Dam before return to Las Vegas in the evening.  West Canyon admission fee with lunch $105, must be paid on tour.

(C) *Antelope Canyon Tour: 
Leave for Antelope Canyon in the morning. This colorful Canyon was a famous long and narrow canyon with a walkable corridor at the bottom of the canyon floor. It was formed by flash flood flows into the cracks of the Navajo sandstone and wind erosions. With the penetration of daylight through the narrow opening from the top different kinds of light reflections and colors were created. That makes this area a popular location for photographers and tourists. Then proceed to an area where the Colorado River made a 280 degree turn, better known as the Horseshoe Bend. get back to Las Vegas around 8:00pm. 
 Lower Antelope Canyon admission $145up, must be paid on tour

(D) Las Vegas Leisure
Free leisure all day, shop for famous brands at various hotels, try your gambling luck, or see one of Las Vegas’ amazing shows! * Free day in Vegas $50, must be paid on tour

Hotel : Excalibur Hotel or similar
Day 3 :Chocolate Factory -Factory Outlet - Los Angeles
In the morning, tour to Chocolate Factory and Desert Cactus Garden. Following departure for Los Angeles, tour stops at the Lenwood factory outlet where you can purchase famous brands at the lowest prices. Arrive in Los Angeles in the evening.

Mandatory Charge: 
  (A) South Canyon admission$90 
  (B) West Canyon admission and lunch $105
  (C) Lower Antelope Canyon admission $145up

Free day in Vegas $50.

  • Excludes
  • Skywalk; Helicopter with Colorado River boat ride, Las Vegas night tour
  • Service fee at $10 per day per person.

Departure: Wed, Sun  Special Promotion!!!
Code Departure Twin 3rd 4th/Child Single

Wed, Sun

 ?$???1???4???8??? ?-?  $108 $15  ?$?1?3?8? $98  ?$?2?2?8? - $188


Terms And Conditions for Buy 2 Get 1 Free:
£ Travellers Join Tour from Las Vegas,
    (1) 1st night stay in Las Vegas meet group 4:00pm at Hotel front desk.

£ Free passenger must share room with 1st and 2nd passengers.
£ Free passenger must pay additional surcharge (Service fee, National Park Entrance fee,...etc.)
     that shows in the fare sheet.

£ Free passenger must cancel 3 days before departure. Otherwise, Child fare will be collected
from 1st and 2nd passengers directly on the bus.
£ We reserve the right to modify the itinerary and hotels for the benefit of the group.

Tour CodeDateTWIN3rd PERSON4th/ChildSingleRemark
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