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West Grand Canyon in depth - Las Vegas 3 Days Tour - Stay 1 Night Inside West Canyon (Exclusive)

  • Good News! Buy 2 Get 1 Free
  • Tour of  West Grand Canyon, Skywalk, Las Vegas,
    Factory Outlet.
  • 1 night stay inside West Canyon, 1 night stay at Las Vegas hotel stay at center of strip.
  • Deluxe bus, Chinese and English speaking tour guide

The Grand Canyon Skywalk :Grand Canyon West
In the morning leave for Grand Canyon West Rim with our luxury motor coach. Check-in to the Hualapai Ranch located about 1000 ft. away from the Canyon. Tour to Eagle Point to view the Grand Canyon. You can also experience to optional tour: Skywalk which is suspended 4,000 ft. above the Colorado River (This 30 millions glass bridge was opened to public on Mar-28-2007. Can withstand the equal weight of 71 Boeing 747 fully loaded with passengers). Visit the amazing Guano point in the evening and view the Canyon with 360 degree after arriving at the Ranch. You can explore the sun has set and no longer illuminates the buttes and pinnacles in the Canyon – the sky light up red, orange and golden colors. Furthermore, you can enjoy BBQ Ribs dinner with live country music. If weather condition is good, follow by camp fire party! Enjoy the different constellation in the sky or moon. 
※ Passengers arriving at Las Vegas, meet at Bally’s Hotel tour lobby by 2:00pm.

Hotel : Hualapai Ranch.
Wake up enjoy the beautiful sunrise right from your room. After breakfast, take the helicopter tour to the bottom of the Canyon and explore its great depths! While at the bottom of the Canyon, take a cruise along the Colorado River before leaving for Las Vegas. Stay at a hotel at the center of the south Las Vegas strip. You may join optional 4-hour night tour.

Hotel : Harrah’s Hotel or similar.
Day 3 :Chocolate Factory -Factory Outlet - Los Angeles
In the morning, tour to Chocolate Factory and Desert Cactus Garden. Following departure for Los Angeles, tour stops at the Lenwood factory outlet where you can purchase famous brands at the lowest prices. Arrive in Los Angeles in the early evening.

Mandatory Charge:
West Grand Canyon admission, dinner, breakfast $108.

※ Skywalk, Helicopter with Colorado River boat ride, Las Vegas night tour
※ Driver & tour guide’s service fee at $10 per day per person.
※ Reconfirm with sale when you make reservation, Itinerary may be reversed due to weather or hotel.

   We reserve the right to modify the itinerary for the benefit of the group  

West Grand Canyon :Skywalk, Eagle Point, Colorado River

Code Departure Twin 3rd 4th Single


 ?$?1?5?8? ? $148 $15




$158 $15



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